Saturday, September 27, 2008

dear domino,

When I received my much-anticipated October issue, I was pleased to see the "destination" piece about my hometown, Boston, but not so thrilled about many of the articles in the issue. To begin with, the feature on Kelly Wearstler's guesthouse renovation was an eyesore. Her decor "looks like a wealthy Arab just ran amok in an early 80s motel," as the blog mirrormirror aptly put it. Or like she ate the set of 'Casino' and then threw it up in pastel colors. When I got to "Piling on the Patterns (and stripes and checks!)," I liked the befores better than the afters, which looked like Martha Stewart on speed. Also, what happened to the Renovator's Notebook layout?? I thought I'd hit one of those special advertising sections that try to trick you into thinking it's a regular article but has "advertisement" in small letters at the top. It's something about the font in the captions on top of the photos – terrible! Things I liked: "5 easy pieces: an organized pantry," Anya Hindmarch's London townhouse, pretty much the whole Nesting section, Christiane Lemieux's New York loft, and the georgeous photography in "Fall Fruits."
Laura, author of particular aesthetic


Jane Flanagan said...

I hated the Wearstler spread too. I usually take her style with a pinch of salt. It's way too out there for me, but I can see her genius.

With this, however, I thought of that book "Dictator's Homes" that came out a few years back. Honestly. I guess Wearstler on a cover sells more magazines though...

On the positive, the Rita Konig spread was lovely. I love it when Domino takes the high / low / small space approach.

Laura said...

Ha, yeah, the Kelly W article is reminiscent of "Dictator's Homes," or even that Domino article a year ago or so on dictator style. Controversy certainly is good for the ratings. I've never written to Domino before this, but there was such a wealth of crappy stuff in the October issue I couldn't hold back.

Julka Almquist said...

I totally agree with you about this month's Domino. Since Blueprint went under it has become my most anticipated magazine. I usually mark several pages, save them and go back and look at them for inspiration. This month I looked through it in about 20 minutes and was so disappointed (but I did like the sections you mentioned). I wished I didn't buy it. I do like the section called The Adventuress. Mostly because I want her job. Have also become a fan of your blog. It is beautiful!

Laura said...

Thanks Julka! I'm a big fan of elmtwig and design for less, too!