Tuesday, September 30, 2008


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My androgynous streak awaits its daily dose of cool from the informative and fun A Continuous Lean. Partner at the PR and marketing firm Paul + Williams, Michael Williams, does a bang up job making up for a "lack of interesting coverage of men's style, fashion, design, media and technology" on his blog.

ACL is heavy on style, posting advice such as how to care for your denim, and montages of clean, modern, classic, and utilitarian looks in international fashion:

Canvas totes from Utility Coop, Japan

He also has updates on local retailers, such as DWR Tools for Living:

ACL's Maps and Intel section features shopping, dining and drinking places of note in NYC, with mini reviews of each spot – a useful quick reference for the visitor or even seasoned New Yorker looking for hip recommendations:

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Finally, ACL has a keen eye for design, including great flickr finds and local art and photography exhibits:



Even if you aren't in the market for menswear, ACL is a great spot for the latest news and inspiring ideas from the front lines of cool.


Susan Yun said...

Great blog. My husband is always looking for stylish menswear. The tip about washing denim is great.

amy said...

mmmhhh lots of good inspiration for the husband!