Friday, July 24, 2009

50 years of Marimekko


Major scoop! To celebrate 50 years of Marimekko in the United States, the wife of Benjamin C. Thompson, the Architect that designed the famous Design Research store in Harvard Square, is planning an exhibit in the same space where Marimekko was first sold. The space was later occupied by Crate & Barrel, until a few months ago when, sadly, it became vacant. My sources tell me that the exhibit will be up shortly and will showcase vintage Marimekko dresses, possibly on all three floors of the glass building, and will run until September.
Flickr photo taken in 1972 by AntyDiluvian.


quarterlifestyle said...

do you know if the exhibit is open yet? thanks!

sarah jo said...

I just saw some stuff up this week. The view is gorgeous from the street!

Laura said...

sarah jo - doesn't it look great?!
quarterlifestyle - the exhibit is currently up and running through sept, although it's a window exhibit, so you can walk by and see it any day or time.

Susan said...

Late update - stuff is still being added to the exhibit (including the outside banners, hopefully by Oct. 1), and it will be up until the end of the year - Enjoy!