Tuesday, October 21, 2008

blogroll: hi + low

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Former Senior Art Director at Kate Spade, Abby Clawson Low is currently a designer/art director, a faculty member in the Communications Arts department at FIT, and the author of hi + low. She has also worked for such interesting clients as Chronicle Books, West Elm, and Takashimaya NY, and lists her interests as "stamps, ebay, used books, found objects, music, lists, and a good burger."


Abby finds inspiration in found objects, many of them dating to the 1960's, such as the French cookbook above, La cuisine est un jeu d'enfants, or in a grouping of old record sleeves:


She also posts more modern work, such as the 2007 Royal College of Art catalog by Filip Tydén (below, left)... 

...and her own work, like the monthly newspaper she creates for Madewell (above, right) and the 2008 Kate Spade agenda she designed (below).


I find hi + low reminds me to look closer at objects that I wouldn't normally turn to for inspiration, and I eagerly await Abby's new posts each week!

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