Thursday, November 1, 2007

new from anthro

anthro montage.jpg

There is some great new home stuff from Anthro on their website:
Fresco pillow, pebbled glasses, Teekamer pitcher, Mina tablecloth, Mandarin Canape Plates, Fynbos canape plate, Voluspa Japonica Oil Diffuser.

montage 2.jpg

Eyelet silk dress, corduroy shirtdress, sun & earth dress

montage 3_2.jpg

Gypsy life bag, wildflower canvas satchel, caspian shoulder bag.

Anthro's stuff always looks so great on their website, even more fantastic in their catalog, and in their store... well, I always want to cry when I go in there.


Avery said...

That sun & earth dress is gorgeous.

Laura said...

Tell me about it. And in person it's about 300 better looking.

Liz said...

I like the eyelet silk dress.

Laura said...

Liz, that dress is on the cover of the new catalog and my wish list.

Avery said...

Why does the store make you want to cry?

Laura said...

Cry and/or try to get a job at their corporate office so you can get free stuff.